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Medical information


Preparing a Conceptual Program for Emergency Medical Information Systems and for a National Emergency Control Center for the Israel Ministry of Health


ISRATEAM led by Brig. Gen. Bachar has led the project for developing the operational concept and procedural methodology of the Ministry of Health in time of war and emergency including chemical and biological incidents.


As aprt of this project,  the Company has determined the  elements of the information system needed for the command and control center for receiving information in real time on the ongoing events at the disaster area and at the hospitals. This system is also currently being developed to provide  response for tracing and monitoring of unusual diseases as a means of  early discovery of  a biological terror attack.


The Company has also  advised and carried out  exercises for the Ministry of Health  testing the  operational  drills for mass emergencies. General hospitals, community health clinics and other emergency organizations have all participated in these exercises

The Israel Ministry of Health