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Traning and Exercises


Planning and Execution of National Multi-organizational Exercise in Israel


ISRATEAM’s staff led by Brig. Gen. Bachar is leading the combined drills programs regarding the preparedness of the national systems to deal with war and terror events.


The staff has carried out a nation-wide drill of the HFC including all the emergency organizations: Police, MELACH (Emergency Economic Organization) Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defense, Fire Fighters, Emergency Medical Services, Hospitals, Ministry of Health, Israel Electric Company, Ministry of the Environment and others.


The staff has also carried out drills for:

The Israel Police regarding terror threats .

The Ministry of the Environment with regard to HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) emergency incidents.

The Ministry of the Interior regarding informing  and handling the  population.

The Ministry of Housing providing a response for those in the population whose dwellings are severely damaged after a national disaster event.

Training & Exercising