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Physical protection


Developing Protection Solutions Against Assorted Threats, Testing New Protection Techniques and Products, Conducting International Research Projects

ISRATEM’s staff has led the process of establishing the protection policy and the required protective equipment improvements for the State of Israel.

Col. Shtadler led the development of theories concerning  individual personal protection (masks, responders units protection etc).

Col. Sofrin led the change in protection policy thinking and the development of the novel “protected space” concept  as part  of the way of protecting the general population from assorted unconventional  threats. In order to test the new concept, many experiments and tests were carried out involving different organizations in the USA including US Corps. of Engineers, US Air Force. and other professional organizations. Colonel Sofrin led and coordinated the successful combined series of tests and research efforts associated with them as well as the International symposium on Special Issues of Protection Techniques, that had been organized during the testing season of 1996. There is continuing interest in this protection approach in various countries, as a proper solution against terror attacks and "car bombs".

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