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Railroad Emergency operations


Establishing the concept of operation and the response plan for Israeli Railroad Company dealing with: War, Earthquake, Accidents and ChemBio terror event

ISRATEAM leading by B. General Avi Bachar is currently working at  macro and micro level of detail preparing a  response plan dealing with all the Emergency situations:

The project included

  • 1. Risk analysis, assessment and threats definition.
  • 2. Evaluating existing emergency planes and equipment capabilities.
  • 3. Defining possible scenarios for War, Erthquake, Terror activist, Big Accidents and ChemBio terror .
  • 4. Establishing comprehensive emergency plans for the different threats..
  • 5. Preparing manuals and Standard Operational Procedures for the different departments in the Railroad Company.
  • 6. Planning the evacuation of the casualties together with the Israeli EMS ( Magen David Adom).
  • 7. Designing protected and strengthening buildings, structure elements and alert systems, monitoring and scanning systems, etc.
  • 8. Consulting on protection gear, identification and decontamination equipment.
  • 9. Establishing and implementing training programs.
  • 10. Designing Command, Control and Communication systems for emergencies
  • 11. Designing and conducting integrated exercises and training programs with the Police. EMS, HFC and all the other Emergency organizations involving with the event.
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