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Municipalities Preparedness for emergency

Emergency Preparedness is aimed at assuring safety and security of community - starts from the individual goes through the family, community up to the Nation.


Levels of comprehensive solution:



The Mission:

To prepare all municipalities to cope successfully with large-scale emergencies in all types of events, by tailoring a unique and special response plan including:

  • Assessing risks and hazards of the municipality.
  • Analyzing the structure of the municipality, according to its threats.
  • Planning and designing the municipality Emergency Operation Center.
  • Establishing a special Population Behavior Branch in the municipality, including an information center and emergency social services.
  • Writing the operation manual and procedures for the operation center and its staff.
  • Evaluating the needs for emergency First Response Units.
  • Designing, building and training the emergency units including:
    - Emergency Medical Services -E.M.S.
    - Fire-fighting units.
    - Hazmat units.
    - Search and rescue units.
  • Planning, operating, observing and evaluating combined emergency exercises of the municipality, including its emergency organizations and units. 

    IsraTeam write the guideline of the doctrine and the manuals for the Israeli municipalities. That is done for the Israeli HFC, the Israeli MOD (MELACH) the Ministry of Interior and the Municipality organization. The doctrine deals with all kinds of emergences included: War, CBRN terror events, Earthquakes and Demonstrations.