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Crisis & Consequence Management CBRNE

ISRATEAM has extensive experience both in Israel and internationally, in all aspects of dealing with CBRN terror events. Assessing potential threats, analyzing strategies and enhancing preparedness and disaster response planning, for all kinds of terrorist threats.

The team members have played an active role in planning and preparedness of the response plan for CBRN threats in Israel, as well as emergency strategy doctrine development, training rescue and emergency units, planning inter and intra-organizational emergency plans for Bio-Chemical terrorism.


CBRN terror may cause loss of life, severe disruptions in social structures and material losses, causing a severe economic and psychological burden on any nation.

After the horrible terror attack on September 11 we all understand that there is no barrier to terrorism; it can hit in every country any time. Hence, we have to make every effort needed to be ready, the best way we can.


With a proper crises and consequence Management system, planning and preparedness scheme – organizational, training and equipment wise – this impact can be prevented or mitigated.


With our expertise and know-how, we can save you plenty of time and budgets and lead you to the optimal solutions with respect to your specific needs and resources.


Our approach starts with threat analysis, assessing the general behavior of the affected population, identification of specific communities and their response behavior, with emphasis on the use of the media and communication means.

Most emergency planning projects start with defining the threat or threats, evaluating and defining the policy – and then starting to build the right solution:


Our experience and expertise will lead to a synergetic and optimal solution with respect to practical and economical constraints, yet with proven capabilities. Our practical, “hands-on” experience, together with academic and research support of top Israeli universities, will ensure a comprehensive and most efficient solution to any possible CBRN  terror attack.

Our professional team has evaluated, developed, organized, designed and trained the Police and the National Civil Defense organizations in Israel. These organizations were put to actual tests in various and compound emergency events.


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Our services consist of:


1. Risk analysis and assessment; threat definition.

2. Evaluating existing emergency organizations and equipment capabilities.

3. Defining policy and respective emergency scenarios for each threat.

4. Consulting towards national strategy definition.

5. Developing organizational and operational combined doctrine.

6. Planning of a comprehensive intra and inter-organizational plans.

7. Preparing emergency manuals and standard operational procedures.

8. Designing of protected structures, structural elements and alert systems, monitoring and scanning systems etc.

9. Consulting for protection means, identification and decontamination equipment.

10. Consulting for Search & Rescue (SAR) teams – organizing, equipping and training, as well as for First Responders and Medical (EMS) Personnel. Link to Turkey proposal

11. Preparing emergency medical services (EMS) – planning, medicine stockpiles implementation and training of hospitals and pre-hospitals organizations.

12. Designing of Command, Control and Communications (CCC) systems for emergency. Link to MGE

13. Designing training programs and conducting exercises.

14. Designing and conducting national and local combined exercises and drills.