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Training & Exercising


  • IsraTeam specializes in operational coordinated and comprehensive planning at the local and national level, focusing on the C3 system (Command, Control and Communication) which is the heart of any emergency organization.
  • IsraTeam proposes the optimal operational concept, taking into consideration the specific data of the customer's organization, (structure, manpower, plants etc'), yet with keeping the mission - the optimal emergency system for the population.
  • IsraTeam specializes in planning and training of Operation Centers.
  • All the above will enable:
    - The optimal control of the entire emergency force.
    - Fast and Swift response within a short time.
    - Fast deployment of emergency units.
    - Full independence of the response in rescue operations.
    - Maximum coordination in using available resources.

Training and exercising
IsraTeam offers a variety of courses including:

  • Decision maker course.
  • Commanders course.
  • Rescuers course.
  • Rescue Engineering course.
  • Hazmat course.
  • Advanced trauma management course.
  • Fire fighting course.

IsraTeam provides full planning and observation services for combined drills and training, including written reports and recommendations.



Proposal for Seminar on Emergency Response and Crisis Management



Search and Rescue school

  • Building training facilities to practice S and R procedures for a variety of emergency situations.
  • Designing and building of special facilities and classrooms for studying equipment operation, communication and tactical training for commanders.
  • Building special training sites, tactical and technical.