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Fire Fighting in High Rise Buildings

Fire in high-rise buildings is one of the most challenging issues in fire fighting and poses a serious problem to any fire service in urban areas. Until now, all proposals did not present an ideal solution and all discussions so far, have not been fruitful. We are proposing a device, which can be applicable to most high rise buildings, for an affordable price.

The Problem


Fighting fire in high-rise buildings has two combined elements, these elements - are often conflicting:

  • The need to save people from the fire and heavy smoke as soon as possible.
  • The need to extinguish the fire in order to reduce the damages and save valuable property.

On one hand, the fire fighters wish to reach as quickly as possible the burning floors in order to contain the fire. But on the other hand, the same staircase serves the fleeing tenants from the fire as well.


The Existing Solution and it's Limitations 

  • The existing rescue ladders are useless in buildings over 10-storey height.
  • The elevators (as well as the rescue elevators) will cease to operate after a short while as a result of water inundation and electricity shortcuts.
  • Elevating a lot of equipment to the higher floors obligates us to use many fire fighters, which we don't have!! they could be better used to fight the fire or to locate trapped people and to rescue them.
  • Even new high-rise buildings that were, allegedly, built according to high and strict building codes, are not fire proof, because of the existing hatches and passes between the floors, and also because of the lack of discipline and knowledge of the buildings' tenants.