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Civil Defense and Protection

Civil defense had been referred to as "nonmilitary measures, designed to protect civilians in wartime. In response to the use and destructiveness of military aircraft, artillery and missiles". Civil Defense greatly expanded in World War II. Basic elements of the Civil Defense system include warning system, survival planning, shelter construction and stockpiling of necessities.


Experience and research had concluded that civil population that had been exposed to disasters or war, managed to act properly and effectively so that they could survive - to a better extent if they were prepared and learned how to overcome emergency situations.
A person, family or community, or even a nation are liable to face various emergency situations, such as severe and large scale accidents, fires, industrial accidents, hazardous materials accidents, natural disasters, terrorists' activities, air-raids, artillery shelling, missiles hits - conventional or chemical, biological or nuclear warheads use. Basic and natural instinct of a person who faces such an emergency event is to find any possible way to rescue himself and his kin from the danger the are facing. Thus, if we make sure that this person will act in the most effective way and make effective use of the protective measures he can, the casualties and damages will be minimized as possible.



Basic and common idea is - Learn about the threats you might be facing and be prepared.


This common principle goes well for the individual, the family, the community and the entire nation. At the same time, we can look at this issue on the national perspective - these principles goes well starting from the national level, where the national policy is being created, through the ministries and agencies, through the local authorities down to the family and individual level.





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