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Our experience and expertise will lead to synergetic and optimal solutions, taking into account practical and economical constraints. Our practical, "hands-on" experience will ensure a comprehensive and most efficient solution to any possible crisis. Our professional team has evaluated, organized, developed, designed and trained the Civil Protection organizations in Israel. These organizations were put to actual tests in various short and long term emergency situations.

We are ready to place this expertise and know-how at your disposal, adapted for your specific requirements, in ensuring the security of your citizens, your organization or your nation in times of need.

Our planning service consists of:

  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Evaluation of existing emergency organizations
  • Defining respective emergency events for planning
  • Comprehensive evaluation of emergency solutions
  • Developing of organizational and operational doctrines
  • Planning of comprehensive intra and inter-organizational emergency plans for every day emergencies and for disasters
  • Preparation of emergency manuals and standard operational procedures
  • Design of means of protection and alert systems, protected structure elements, etc.
  • Design of command and control systems for emergency organizations
  • Defining professional responsibilities for emergency organizations based on the doctrine and proven by field experience
  • Design and conducting exercises and training programs
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