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Advisory Staff

Mr. Shlomo Aharonishky

High Commissioner (Ret) Israeli National Police

Appointed as High Commissioner of the Israel National Police. His tenure was characterized by one of the most difficult period in Israel history whereby the 2nd. Intifada broke out and terrorist incidents were rampant.

During the period, in which he commanded over 27,000 police officers, 75,000 volunteers and held responsibility for numerous logistic facilities and budget of 6 Billion Shekels, he also promoted the following issues:

Coping of terrorist incidents, with emphasis on suicide bombings.
Preparedness of police forces to combat conventional and non- conventional terrorist incidents.
Combating organized crime.
Upgraded community policing & established community police centers.
Increased number of volunteers and instilling community service as an integral part of the organizational culture of the police.
Established the "Immigration Authority" and the "Economic Crime Unit". In addition, he expanded the "National Unit of International Crime Investigations".

In 2003, the Israeli Union awarded him the certificate for Excell



Dr. Avi Shapira



Dr. Yair Sharan