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The People

Abraham (Avi) Bachar

B. General (res.) MA. CEO

General Bachar was recently the Chairman of the National Emergency Economy Organization, in the Israeli Ministry Of Defense-MOD. This organization was established in order to ensure the ability to provide the needs and services necessary for the population in time of War, Natural disasters and CBRNE terror events, Monitoring and preparing the Government offices, the Municipalities and vital infrastructures - for and during all various emergency situations, through: Guidance, coordination, instruction, drills and control
General Bachar's last military position was Chief of Staff, Home Front Command, IDF. He has a MA degree in communal policy and public administration from the Tel-Aviv University,
As a chief of a team, he was responsible for writing the National Response Plan for Earthquakes in Israel.He is a recognized international and Israeli authority in the field of developing operational and organizational methods , emergency incident doctrines and training programs.


email: abachar@israteam.co.il

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Mr. Yori Sofrin

Col. (res.) CE, MSc, President and head of civil protection .

Areas of specialty:
a. Risk assessment of populations and structures.
b. Planning and providing solutions for personal and collective protection.
c. Project management and integration.
d. Program planning.
e. Emergency readiness training of civilians.
f. Planning and training of industry and emergency organizations.

Col. Sofrin has an MSc in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University, proven vast experience in threat analysis and defining solutions for protection systems - personal and collective. Establishing communications with the public in emergency situations.
His last military position held was as Head of The Civil Protection Department, Home Front Command, IDF. Col. Sofrin acts as HFC spokesman in reserve duty.



Mr. Kalman Shtadler (Kami)

Col. (res.), MA, Head of Operational Doctrine and equipment section.

Responsible for:
a. Organization and development of operational doctrine.
b. Analysis of existing organizations and defining needed structural solutions.
c. Development of internal operational procedures and information flow systems.
d. Training and exercise evaluation.

Col. Shtadler has an MA in Political Science from Tel-Aviv University. He has extensive experience in developing organizational operational doctrines. His last military position was as head of the Doctrine and Development Department, Home Front Command, IDF.



Dr. Avi Abargel

Col. (res.), Head of Medical Section.

Responsible for
a. Risk assessment and establishing pre-hospital and hospital disaster management plans.
b. In charge of medical emergency planning and training

Dr. Avi Abargel, was the chief surgeon of the IDF Home Front Command (HFC) for three years until 2014.
Dr. Abargel graduated medical school at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in 1988. Became an OBGYN specialist in 2001 and was a fellow at SWEC (Sydney Women Endoscopic Centre) in 2006.
He holds two masters degrees - one in health administration from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and the other in Political science – national security from Haifa University.
As the chief surgeon of the HFC, Dr. Abargel was in charge of the preparedness of the entire Israeli healthcare system to various emergency and disaster scenarios, both at the community and the hospital level.
In 2014, Dr. Abargel was the chairman of the International Preparedness and Response for Emergencies and Disasters (IPRED) III conference in Tel-Aviv.
Previous experience as a military physician includes serving as a physician of a battalion,


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Mr. Joseph Sembira

B. General (res.), MA- Head of Local Authorities Section.

Responsible for:
a. Structural and operational organization of local authorities for emergency situations.
b. Conducting and planning local authorities' personnel training programs.
c. Planning and establishing local authority operations centers.
d. Security systems - assessment, planning and management.

Col. Sembira has an MBA from Tel-Aviv University, he specializes in system analysis; he is a lecturer in the Local Authority Readiness course at Bar-Ilan University. He is known as an expert on local authority preparedness and readiness; he was Commander of the Tel-Aviv region during the Gulf War (1991).



Mr. David Gidron

Lt. Colonel ( res.) MA in Social Psychology, Head of the population behavior Section

Responsible for:
A.Development and implementation of national/local programs to prepare and work with the population in times of emergencies.
B.Assessing the psychosocial needs of the population in emergency situations and forming national/local intervention plans
C.Initiating and coordinating joint programs with government offices and municipalities in the field of preparing and dealing with the population..
D.Analyzing the needs of special-needs populations (children, the elderly, new immigrants, physically and mentally challenged, etc). Designing and coordinating preparation and intervention plans for these groups.
E.Developing, organizing and conducting courses and workshops in the field of population behavior.
F.Organizational Development consultant for the Command with emphasis on strategic planning, developing human resources and coaching for high ranking officers
Lt. Colonel ( res.) David Gidron holds an MA in Social Psychology, from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. . He was the Head of Branch for Population Behavior in Emergencies, HFC



Lt.Col (re Eran Magen

Head Search & Rescue Section

Over the last 15 years, Eran deals with organize SAR teams and teaching them a variety of rescue fields needed to handle emergency situations.
His knowledge base on rich experience:
a. For 10 years he serves as the Deputy Commanding Officer of the Israeli National Search and Rescue Unit.
b. He was the commander of the Israeli Humanitarian aid delegation to many countries around the world.
c. Plan, organize and training the National Turkey SAR team.
d. Instruct courses in rescue for fire departments in Israel and around the world.
The experience gained over the years by conducting projects around the world, gave him the ability to define special needs for specific geographical areas, different weather conditions and different Nations.
Responsible for:
e. Defining the special organization needed to work in specific areas
f. Defining the qualifications command and CCC needed for the SAR team
g. Defining the relevant logistic and equipment needed.
h. Mobility abilities needed by the team (Boats, helicopter, cars, etc.).
i. Training



Col. Itai Peleg

Project Manager

Col. Peleg ( Res.) - Project manager .
During his long service in the IDF, he participated in most of the rescue missions and operations of the HFC in Israel and all over the world.
Head of the HFC strategic Planning and Structure Branch. He was
He has a vast knowledge and experience in search & rescue operations
And population preparation for all kinds of catastrophe. .

Responsible for:
a. Organization and development of operational doctrine
b. Conducting international seminars
c. Project manager

2008-9 - Bar- Ilan University, Masters of Law
1991-1993: Ben Gurion University, BA Business Administration and Social behavior.


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Dr' Moti Sela

Responsible for preparedness of HAZMAT industry for all kinds of emergency situations.

1. Former Deputy Director of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection's Hazardous Substances Division
2. Participated in the steering committee which wrote the National Doctrine for Responding to HAZMAT incidents.
3. Served as a senior member of the training group for the Ministry of Environmental Protection's emergency HAZMAT team
4. Has been entrusted to handle dozens of HAZMAT incidents, acting within the framework of the Ministry of Environmental Protection's emergency HAZMAT team.
5. Chaired several investigative committees following HAZMAT incidents on behalf of the Director General of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
6. Established the Ministry's Hazardous Waste Program.
7. Coordinated the Ministry's Emergency Preparedness Plans (e.g. Military conflicts, pandemics, etc.)
8. Served as Chair of the committee for revising "Regulations for Licensing Businesses – Hazardous Plants"
9. Coordinated the Ministry's Earthquake Preparedness Plan, represented the Ministry on the National Committee for Earthquake Preparedness and chairing the committ


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B. General Meir Ben-Ishay

Police Brigadier General (Ret.) And Col. (Res.) Meir Ben-Ishay - Senior Consultant,

B. General Ben - Ishay served his military service in various command positions including district commander of Dan's Home Front Command and had extensive experience in operational command of large units, management, training and instruction in a variety of roles and complex systems.
After retiring from active military service, Ben - Ishay joined the Israeli police force, the first role where he founded the department of Emergency Planning at the Israel Police Force. In this position he formulated the theory of police response to various emergency situations - such as War, Earthquake and CBRNE terror event
Ben- Ishay performed many exercises at regional and national administration.
The second role as Police Brigadier General, Ben Ishay established– the new Police Security Division. In this context he actually set the concept of the security of Israel, implemented standards, the service level required, training and regulation require all organizations and security companies in Israel.
Ben Ishay's professional experience contains expert systems management, with extensive and p