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The Israel Ministry of Health

The Israeli Medical Services – Preparing for Mass Casualty Situations

ISRATEAM led by Dr. Jacob Adler, Col. (res.), has taken a major part in establishing the Emergency Medical response doctrine; beginning with the primary response at the event area by the EMS units, and up to preparing the hospitals for the possibility of receiving mass casualties at very short notice.

ISRATEAM has also planned and carried out  drills and training for hospitals in order to check on their preparedness and readiness.

The planning of the  medical system preparedness has included a wide range of  different possibilities such as:

1. Conventional mass terror incidents involving explosions, suicide bombers etc. (Unfortunately, we have a lot of experience in these).

2. Hazardous materials mass terror/ accident incidents.

3. Mass chemical terror incidents.

4. Mass chemical war incidents.

5. Biological mass terror incidents.


All the hospitals in Israel have procedures and systems in place ready  for these possibilities, and include regular drill  programs largely developed by IsraTeam.

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The Israel Ministry of Health
The Israel Ministry of Health